How To Make An Ultrasonic Humidifiercircuit Diagram


Ultrasonic Mist Maker || DIY or Buy

You can get an Ultrasonic Mist Maker here (Affiliate Links): Ebay:

Ultrasonic Fogger/Mister Autopsy and Overvolt

Oh no!!!... The seond one of the two ultrasonic misters I bought last year has packed up, leaving the root misting chamber without any mist. I thought I'd try to open one up and take a look...

How to make a Humidifier DIY

I'll show you how to make a simple ultrasonic humidifier. I bought here

STEM: Creating a Pest-repellent Circuit

Creating an electrical circuit to repel pests such as roaches and mynahs from school canteen, and to find out the correlation of voltage and efficiency of the circuit.